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From Simon Svensson <>
Subject Re: Lucene 4.0
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 03:04:12 GMT

I'm unsure how the porting is done. Are you using any tools to convert 
java to c#, or is it done manually by just showing both code side-by-side?

I can squeeze out a few coding hours this weekend, where do you want me 
to start?

// Simon

On 2013-08-08 21:31, Paul Irwin wrote:
> Is this mailing list dead?! If anyone is interested in releasing an
> up-to-date build of, please write back! If you didn't read my
> other messages, I have Core working with Lucene java 4.3.1
> compatibility thanks to the help of my colleagues. We just need to round
> out the contrib modules, unit tests, and documentation as a community and
> we can push forward almost 3 years in time -- Lucene java 3.0.3
> was packaged in December 2010!
> I have checked in the KeywordAnalyzer, WhitespaceAnalyzer, SimpleAnalyzer,
> ClassicAnalyzer, and StandardAnalyzer to the Contrib.Analyzers assembly
> (where they now live in Lucene java, they were moved from core) and their
> associated filters and tokenizers. I've briefly tested each and they seem
> to work correctly. I've purposefully "Exclude[d] from Project" the other
> language analyzers until we can forward-port them. So now the Analyzers DLL
> compiles with those analyzers only. Also, I fixed the bug that was causing
> NumericRangeQuery to not work.
> Next on my list is the QueryParsers contrib library (QueryParser was moved
> out of Lucene java core) so that, combined with StandardAnalyzer, we can
> test a pretty common real-world use case (the prototypical "hello lucene"
> tutorial). After that, it might be worth forward-porting what we have so
> far to 4.4 and use that as the latest point to finish out the port. The
> changes shouldn't be too dramatic to core from what I can tell.
> My fork/branch:
> I'll keep updating as I go, but if anyone wants to jump in, there's not a
> better time than now...
> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Paul Irwin <> wrote:
>> I made a dumb mistake... I have worked with StandardAnalyzer so long that
>> I forgot that KeywordAnalyzer is not what I needed to be using, I needed to
>> use WhitespaceAnalyzer to do a simple breakup of terms by spaces... duh.
>> Now it works after re-indexing with a quick, dirty implementation of
>> WhitespaceAnalyzer :-) The index that I created with 4.3.1 can
>> also be read and searched by Java Lucene 4.3.1. Now I'm going to move on to
>> find out why NumericRangeQuery isn't working.
>> Sorry for the blast of emails, but I wanted to prevent people from
>> spending time hunting down my mistake!
>> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Paul Irwin <> wrote:
>>> I was able to resolve the EOF issue by fixing a bug in ReadVLong. Java's
>>> byte being signed is a pain.
>>> Now there's no exception doing a TermQuery, but I also don't get any
>>> results. It doesn't find any terms when scanning for them. I also tried a
>>> NumericRangeQuery on DocID (see example gist) between 100 and 200 and it
>>> didn't find any results that way either. So right now only
>>> MatchAllDocsQuery seems to work.
>>> If anyone would like to do a Google Hangout or anything sometime to look
>>> into it, let me know.
>>> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Paul Irwin <> wrote:
>>>> I realized after I sent that email last night that I could do as you
>>>> described. When you've been debugging through CorruptedIndexExceptions, you
>>>> get a little bit of tunnel vision... haha
>>>> I have now fixed a few bugs and I can now do a MatchAllDocsQuery with
>>>> IndexSearcher and TopScoreDocsCollector and get hits! And .ToString()'ing
>>>> the matching documents prints the fields to the console, so it's loading
>>>> the stored fields data correctly.
>>>> I tried doing a TermQuery and now I get a "read past EOF" exception that
>>>> I can't figure out. There's a whole bunch of buffered byte array operations
>>>> going on and I can't determine where the issue came from. I'll keep
>>>> looking, but if someone could grab my fork/branch and help me look that
>>>> would be great. Here's example index writing and then reading code (also
>>>> included is a quick port of KeywordAnalyzer):
>>>> Thanks!

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