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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Long-terms plans for supporting .NET 3.5
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 12:29:46 GMT
On 2013-01-14, Christopher Currens wrote:

> I think that moving activity to GitHub _should_ be easy, although there are
> still a few "gotchas".  I'm guessing that a large reason the ASF insists on
> hosting their own code is for legal reasons, particularly when it comes to
> the Contributor License Agreement.  At the very least, we can't accept pull
> requests to the project until a CLA is signed by the user.

I'd say this depends on the size of the contribution.

A pull request in itself is legaly by no means different from a patch
attached to a JIRA issue.  This shouldn't make things more or less
difficult than it is now.

You wouldn't require a CLA for a few lines of code, but you'd do it for
a complete feature.

I don't think github could be the primary SCM, the ASF git would have to
remain the leading source so post-commit hooks wouldn't cut it.  TBH I
don't know all reasons myself and don't intend to defend rules I haven't

The rule that releases have to be cut from an SCM hosted at the ASF is
set into stone - and actually one I understand and am willing to back

Would we really need to do a full move to github for you (all, not you
Chris or Troy in particular) to feel comfortable?  From the POV of a
non-committer contributor it shouldn't make much of a difference if the
pull request is really merged via the github UI or via a process
performed by a committer on the ASF repo that is then replicated over to
github.  Or does it?


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