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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Offer of help vis Lucere project
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 20:03:17 GMT

You may recall a project I started called Lucere before getting directly
involved with Lucene.Net. At that time I was planning to fork Lucene.Net,
but since getting involved here that project has died off. I still get
occasional inquiries about the project via Codeproject, and I generally
point them to the Lucene.Net mailing lists.

I just got an interesting email via that project, with an significant offer
for development help. See below:

Dear Lucere team,

I am writing on behalf 12 students of AGH University of Science and
Technology in Cracow, Poland. In starting fall semester we have project in
our objective technologies course. This course is concentrated mainly on
analysis and design of models (UMLs, objective principles and so on), but
also on producing very high quality of code and using most common approach
to development nowadays (design patterns, ORMs, unit testing, IoC and so
on). We are looking for open source project to contribute. We think that we
could desing and develop one or two specific parts of open project like
this as a part of our university project. Our team is full of very
ambitious and very skilled people. Twelve people should be enough to build
something great. Moreover we have support of our PhDs leading this course.
They will validate all our ideas and will help us to design everything in
best way.

As I said before we want to create rather entire module than fixing some
bugs. Due to our course objectives we are interested only in highly
objective modules. It would be great if you allow us free rein in designing
such module. Maybe you have in your roadmap some features we can build in
that way.

Your project seems very interesting for us and we would be delighted to
contribute. We are waiting eagerly for your response.

Best regards,
Bartlomiej Szczepanik
Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication
AGH Univerity of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland


If this is interesting to us, I will coordinate with Bartlomeij and see if
we can bring these developers into Lucene.Net. If we do suddenly have 12
new developers that want to work on the project... What should they do, and
how will we coordinate their work?

His stated goals are to create not to bug fix... and porting doesn't really
fall under the fold of "create and design".

We have always tossed around the idea of creating a layer on top of the
existing API that would be more .NET idiomatic, or incorporating some new
.NET specific features into the library *in addition* to the baseline
functionality that we port directly. Perhaps this could be the group to do
that work?

We've also talked about trying to get some improvement with an automated
porting process, and how that would require significant coding work to
bring a project like Sharpen up to our needs. Perhaps they could focus on

Maybe they could work on the distributed/federated search application that
was brought up a while back? a SOLR-like project, that is unique to
Lucene.Net (as opposed to porting SOLR or just bringing back the .NET
remoteing model that was removed)?

Perhaps they could design a new tool like Luke, that is more maintainable
(have you seen that code? eek)...

There are a lot of options here. Thoughts?


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