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From Michael Mitiaguin <>
Subject Re: Lucene V4
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 05:34:38 GMT
 >That leaves the question of whether it would alienate our users to 
abandon the 3.x branch in favor of working solely on the 4.0 release.

My understanding, by users you meant developers ( committers )   who are 
involved and already spent some time on 3.6 branch   Unless 3.6 is the 
final one for Lucene.Net ( hope not ) ,  PMC members could vote or at 
least discuss a feasibility .  Quite possible,  some people after 
releasing 3.6 won't  be interested to do it again for V4.  There is a 
chance to decrease the gap between Java and Lucene.Net  counterpart , as 
Java V4 has just been released.
As for real users like myself,  certainly,  I'd prefer to get 
Lucene.Net  V4 earlier and not to have 3.6 at all.

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