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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] Graduation
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:05:47 GMT
On 2012-02-01, Troy Howard wrote:

> - Repeatable, documented process: We need a better more defined,
> public and repeatable process for creating and building releases.


Preferrably one the doesn't require binaries checked in into svn ;-)

No reason this needs to be done before graduation.

> - Committing to our decisions, despite alienating our user base:

You need to do this, true.  Documenting them might help.

[OT: I thought it would be possible to remove the 4.0 dependency for
2.9.4 with a small patch.]

> The question I have to Stephan is, what are the significant criteria
> for moving a project from the Incubator to a TLP?

Not sure whether there are hard rules, mine are

(1) Have all legal questions been addressed?

(2) Does the team understand the way the ASF wants to develop software:
    "the Apache way"?

(3) Is the team big and diverse enough to sustain?

My answers to this are

(1) Mostly, I'd need to perform a detailed review of the binaries
    checked in to svn to be absolutely sure.

(2) You have created three releases by Apache rules and went through the
    pains associated with that.  You perform your business on this list.
    What you haven't done is vote in a new committer.

    Also you seem to be working side-by-side rather than together from
    time to time, but with the 2.9.4 stuff done I expect that to change.

    I have full confidence in the current team and I'm sure you'd
    recognize and vote in potential committers.

(3) The team is not extraordinarily big but big enough IMHO.

> In my mind, we have the "minimum marketable feature set" to be a TLP,
> which is to say, we have an open dialog and an interested community
> while remaining somewhat productive. I don't think we need to wait to
> graduate until we have solved every challenge that we face as a
> project but rather we simply need to prove that we have what it takes
> to survive and grow in a healthy and productive manner as a community.
> I think we've achieved that part and just need to continue improving
> our process.

+1, fully agreed.


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