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From michael herndon <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] Lucene.Net Faceting Library (port of BoboBrowse)
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 18:31:29 GMT
I'm not familiar enough with the licenses or procedures for incorporating
another project outside the ASF to speak on that. Others might have input
on that.

Another thing that must be considered about is who would be the
responsibility party to in order to keep the project up-to-date against its
own Java project version as well as against Lucene.Net.

One of the bigger discussions of late is how to best use our limited
resources on a concentrated effort of continually moving Lucene.Net
forward, so there might be some push-back on something like this. It won't
be towards you or the project, but it would stem from the limited time we
all have to work on Lucene.Net

What I can suggest for the short term is make sure that the library is
compiled and written against  the latest 2.9.4 nuget packages.   Then
create your own nuget package, if that has not already been done.

Then write up a concise but enthusiastic description of bobo so that we can
post it on the wiki (or possibly later on a community section of the site
once vetted by committers). We can also use that material post tweets on it
from @LuceneDotNet

I would also suggest providing list of features and tutorials that make
easy for developers to incorporate it into their own projects that we could
post with the description.

- Michael

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 12:53 PM, Alexey Shcherbachev <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Some time ago I ported the amazing Bobo Browse library (
> ) from Java to .Net.
> We've been using the port since that time, and it works well so far.
> Right now it is published here (binaries are a
> bit outdated, so better check source code directly).
> Initially Bobo was licensed under LGPL license, so we had to keep our port
> as LGPL too.
> But recently they changed the license to Apache 2.0, so our version is
> under Apache2.0 license too now.
> I think such faceting library could be useful for many Lucene.Net
> developers.
> Would it make sense to add it to the contrib folder so more people can use
> it?
> I know the Java version has now the built-in faceting module (
> ) .
> But this version could be used with 2.9.2 and probably with 2.9.4 (not
> tested yet) right now.
> Kind Regards,
> Alexey Shcherbachev

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