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From Prescott Nasser <>
Subject RE: [Lucene.Net] style cop, fx cop rules
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 17:39:59 GMT

> I don't think there's any harm in putting StyleCop in the project at this
> stage, but of course, no harm not putting it in either. It would be handy
> for people who already have VS2008/2010, as we could keep Lucene with the
> same style format across the project as a whole.

We should move forward to enhance the project imo. Those who are still using 2005 can handle
warnings if they pop up. It shoudln't be errors, so nothing should be breaking


> IMO, I think the Naming, Maintainability, and layour rules are the most
> important. I use R#, so many of the default ones there are the ones I'm
> partial to. For example, I like my private fields to start with
> underscores. I like my private properties, method names, public fields to be
> in pascal case. I like local variables and method parameters to use camel
> case. I dislike hungarian notation. I like only one class per file, and
> one namespace per file, those being in the maintainability rules.

+1, I'll also add I prefer one class per file as well, with some very rare exceptions (which
for simplicity we could just say one class per file)


> > It might be prudent to wait on putting style cop int the project, it
> > currently doesn't have a command line client and if installed it would
> > generate warnings on each time someone builds on their local.
> >
> > - Michael.
> >


If I recall correctly, we agreed to move forward with our support, .Net 4 (or at least 3.5)
and VS2008/2010. Since Stylecop there isn't much reason not to include it imo, if you're using
2005 still, then I think you should accept that you'll get warnings



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