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From Michael Herndon <>
Subject [Lucene.Net] build scripts & snk in trunk, website, and lucene.net_4e branch.
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2011 02:09:10 GMT

I hope everyone is doing well despite Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Here are
some updates.

[Build Script & CI Changes]

A strong named key and Build scripts were added to the trunk.  Doc comments
files only build in release mode since they increase the warnings in visual
studio by about 2000+ warnings.  pragma 618 was disabled since there are a
ton obsolete methods in side of Lucene.Net 2.9x series.

The binaries are now building to he /build/bin path. When you run the build
scripts and the build passes, the binaries will be moved into the /bin
folder along with xml docs and the chm files that gets generated if you have
sandcastle installed.

We should be able to get CI up and running by the end of September.  The
tests in trunk will need to be fixed up before then. There are path issues
that were fixed in the 2.9.4g branch tests but not ported to trunk. The
NUnit Runner seems to be having issues with the serializers now that
assemblies are strongly named. (Yet the same tests run fine in Resharper &
TestDriven.Net).   So the issue with the NUnit Runner and the serializers
will need to be fixed before then.

If you're looking for something to do, I've noticed there are some warnings
about CLSCompliance, those definitely need to be fixed at some point


We should be updating the news on the website monthly to give people a
reason to keep coming back. Also adding a twitter widget that searches on
the #lucenenet hash tag and search term would also help.  If
there are no objections to this in the next week or so, i'll update the site
(unless someone beats me to it).

[The experimental Lucene.Net_4e branch].

I've put some wiki docs together for this branch.

Its experimental for a few reasons:
 * its using the .NET portable class library tools.  Its currently targeting
the Full Framework, Silverlight 4, and Silverlight for WP7.0
 * it lets you run tests under both MbUnit and NUnit.
 * it has stylecop installed with the defacto rules and [SupressMessage]
sprinkled throughout for FxCop. The rules can be changed later and we can
use something like ReSharper to format code according to whatever rules are
finally decided on.
 * experimenting with ways to tackle future changes using tags/diffs and
tools like beyond compare coupled with notating what works needs to be done
using the wiki.
 * this will definitely lean more towards a more .NET idiomatic API
 * there are ItemTemplates for class, enum, interface, and unit tests that
include the Apache License in the top of the file, feel free to modify these
and put these into trunk. You can find these files under /tools.
 * heavy attention doc comments.

Anyone is welcome to pull this branch and work on it. Just make sure you
note "In Progress" on the files  your working on.  This branch is probably
where I'll be spending most of my time when working on Lucene.Net for a
while. Though I'll continue to work on getting CI up and helping on other
branches when asked people specify needs, especially anything that would
help us get 2.9.4 release out.

There are some pretty big challenges with getting Lucene.Net to work in
Silverlight for WP7.0. Threading is bare bones. TheadLocal<T>,
[ThreadStatic] and the api around LocalDataStoreSlot does not exist.  The
PCL is still in flux (an example is that System.String currently doesn't
appear to implement IEnumerable<char>) so using that provides some
interesting challenges as well.  I'd recommend moving forward making
Lucene.Net useable for those platforms on this branch rather than trying to
force that into the line-by-line ports in trunk and 2.9.4.g.

I'll try to build up the wiki as a knowledge resource while porting code on
this branch, so you might want to check the wiki periodically.

- Michael.

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