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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] releasedate for Lucene.NET 3.0
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 09:53:46 GMT

As far as a release schedule for a 3.X release goes.. Realistically,
it's not likely to be ready until sometime in the later half of this

As you found in the blog article mentioned, the project was going
through some difficult times last year. Since that time, the project
has seen a lot of improvement. We've had a fresh start with a new
group of committers and are back on track to start developing new
releases. Unfortunately, there is a lot of cleaning up and catching up
that we have to do before we can get back in sync with Java Lucene's

If you'd like to get involved with developing Lucene.Net, we can still
use a lot of help. Some of the things we're focused on now are setting
up a more automated way of creating the line-by-line ports, getting
caught up to match the Java Lucene releases (3.X), and designing a new
API and refining the existing implementation to fully take advantage
of the .NET runtime and the C# language.

There's a lot of ways someone could help out right now. We need
everything from core code contributions to unit tests, documentation,
HTML/CSS work on the project website, infrastructure coding for a CI
server, and basic administrative and management tasks like keeping up
with the issue tracker.

The first step to getting involved would be to read over the history
of the development mailing list for the past month or so, and review
the JIRA issue tracker for current open issues. If there's not an
issue for something that you think should be, feel free to enter it

As usual feel free to post any questions to the list.


2011/3/2 Björn Kremer <>:
> Hello Michael,
> Does this help with what you were looking for?
> Yes, thank you for the answer.
> I have just read
> Are you still missing programmers?
> Björn
> Am 01.03.2011 15:43, schrieb Michael Herndon:
> Hi  Björn Kremer!,
> There is currently not a release date set for Lucene.Net 3.0.  A roadmap
> that covers a Lucene.Net release will most likely be developed when we've
> made progress on the 2.9.x releases and infrastructure changes that are
> currently be discussed on the mailing list.
> I could be wrong, but incubator status should  not have a bearing whether a
> binary release is official, but rather the status of the project and
> community behind it.
> It will most likely be a decent time gap before Lucene.Net makes it back out
> of incubation.
> However a release for Lucene.Net 3.0 is one of our priorities and goals.
> Does this help with what you were looking for?
> - Michael
> 2011/3/1 Björn Kremer <>
>> Hi,
>> ist there a releasedate for Lucene.NET 3.0 or a roadmap? When is
>> Lucene.NET released official?(Without incubator state)
>> Thank You
>> Björn
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