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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Proposed Roadmap
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 09:36:00 GMT

Following up on Scott's post asking about JIRA issues and our
development road map, I've put together a more detailed idea of how
we could divide work, schedule releases, and clean up the backlog.

There will be at least four main areas of work to address in the
upcoming months:
- Project Maintenance
- Catching up with the backlog
- Working on a new porting system
- The Future: New API and Lucene 3.X

Each one of those paths will need a separate road map and plan. In
JIRA these should probably be listed as separate components, along
with more structural components like Lucene.Net Core, Lucene.Net
Contrib, Luke.Net, etc...

Assuming we are working on these in parallel, I've included some
rough estimate dates for completion of each listed milestone in
the road maps.

Project Maintenance

This includes the various aspects of transition from Lucene
subproject to Incubator Podling, as well as updating the website
and documenation.


* Website and branding Update (02/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-379 - Clean up Lucene.Net website
    * NOTE: Should probably be split into a few separate issues:
     * Update website to be Apache CMS based
     * Update website to reflect current status and information
     * New site layout
     * New logo design

* Documentation Update (03/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-382 - Create a wiki page for Lucene.Net
    * NOTE: This should probably have more detailed tasks defined
      and separately assigned / managed. This should focus on 2.9.2
      level code, examples, etc, plus FAQ, Design, and other
      similar documentation.

Catching up with the Backlog

This includes finalizing the 2.9.2 release, updating that to
Lucene 2.9.4 compatibility and applying outstanding patches and
bug fixes. This will put is slightly out of sync with Java Lucene
because we'll have additional patches applied that the Java Lucene
project does not have for our 2.9.4 release.


* Lucene.Net 2.9.2 Binary release (02/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-381 - Official release of Lucene.Net 2.9.2
    * Build from existing tag, no new changes

* Lucene.Net 2.9.4 Source/Binary release (03/28/2011)

  - LUCENENET-389 - Signing the released assembly
  - LUCENENET-377 - Upgrade solution to VS2010
  - LUCENENET-361 - Workaround for a Mono C# compiler issue
  - LUCENENET-266 - Putting support classes in separate files and
    in a separate directory
  - LUCENENET-337 - TokenAttribute for Selectively Including Tokens
    in Length Norm
  - LUCENENET-330 - Search.Regex minimal port
  - LUCENENET-371 - Unit test for Search.Regex port
  - LUCENENET-374 - IndexReader.IsCurrent returning false
    positive in some cases
  - LUCENENET-179 - SnowballFilter speed improvment

  - LUCENENET-??? Rollup changes from Lucene 2.9.3/2.9.4 releases
  - LUCENENET-372 - NLS pack for Lucene.NET: BR, CJK, CN, CZ, DE,
    FR, NL, RU analyzers
    * NOTE: For v1.4 This code could be a starting point for a
      2.9.2 compatible version
  - LUCENENET-391 - Luke.Net for Lucene.Net
    * NOTE: For v1.4 This code could be a starting point for a
      2.9.2 compatible version
  - LUCENENET-172 - This patch fixes the unexceptional exceptions
    ecountered in FastCharStream and SupportClass
    * NOTE: Evaluate concerns expressed by George A. for this patch
  - LUCENENET-167 - Compact Framework & Silverlight Support
    * NOTE: Evaluate required steps and impact this will have on
      source code. Perhaps create a branch for CF/SilverLight.
  - LUCENENET-378 - Objects with a Close method should support
    * NOTE: Significant diversion from Java, involves a lot of
    code-touch. Maybe take some ideas from and/or incorporate
    changes from various CodeProject forks?

Working on a New Porting System

We've discussed that we'd like to fully automate this process and
so far, the most obvious tool to use is Sharpen. This may involve
forking Sharpen (or contributing back to that project if
appropriate). We also discussed we'd like a to set up a CI server
for this work (and other things).

* Evaluate tooling (02/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-380 - Evaluate Sharpen as a port tool
    * NOTE: We should conclusively complete the evaluation and if
    we're ok with Sharpen, close this issue and move on to building
    a production version of the Sharpen code.

  - LUCENENET-??? - Evalute CI systems and build a proposal for
    CI server setup

* Create Production System, 2.9.2 compatible (03/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-??? - Create production version of automated port
    scripts for 2.9.2 build
    * NOTE: This will allow us to focus on the conversion process,
      not the Lucene.Net code changes. This will be considered
      complete when we are able to create a functionally equivalent
      2.9.2 port using Sharpen. This can be measured using existing
      unit tests, or by adding new ones as needed to cover
      additional test cases.

  - LUCENENET-??? - Create production CI system and integrate
    2.9.2 automated port tasks

* Create Production System, 2.9.4 compatible (04/25/2011)
  - LUCENENET-??? - Production porting code for 2.9.4
    * NOTE: This will be a good exercise to determine how easy
      maintaining the porting code is across version changes.
  - LUCENENET-??? - CI server: Integrate Sharpen 2.9.4 task

The Future: New API and Lucene 3.X

We need to move out of the current 2.X world. This means a number
of things, including Lucene 3.X compatibility, a new idiomatic .NET
API, and incorporating changes and ideas presented in the various
forks of Lucene.Net.

* Discuss and Design (03/28/2011)
  - LUCENENET-??? - Community discussion on how to proceed past
    2.X and to create a plan for implementation

* Implement next generation of Lucene.Net code (05/30/2011)
  - LUCENENET-??? - Implement next gen code
    * NOTE: Since design is still TBD, we can't say for sure what
      we'll be doing here, but whatever it is, we should have a
      release done by June.

Please let me know if this all sounds reasonable.


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