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From Wyatt Barnett <>
Subject Build & CI Considerations
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:55:05 GMT
Per Michael's suggestion I'm branching this off into a new thread.
I'll start by saying this is somewhere I think I could help alot --
I'm still a recovering liberal arts major so I can't claim to grok too
much of the underlying computer sciency bits. I've also spent as much
if not more time in IT managing infrastructure and processes than
building software. Finally, I've got some facilities access that could
be helpful in a pinch. Anyhow, here goes:

1) Build targets: Real question is what do we want to target. I do
think we can target different versions for development work versus
runtime compatibility. EG, nothing is stopping us from making the
dev/build environment VS 2010 while still targeting the 2.0 runtime.
Personally, I'd vote aiming for 3.5/VS 2010, at least for the 3.0

2) CI : oh hells yeah. My vision would be to setup something where the
automated conversion would be triggered by commits to the "stable"
branch of the java project. I think if we can construct this bit right
we can even really get down the road of automatically running all the
conversion options until we get it "right".

Another angle to this is that, if it is the paid tool we need, we only
need the build agent to have a license -- it could easily just convert
the source and check it in where people could check it out and work on
it. Or something like that.

But back to the mundane -- I've got alot of seat-time with TeamCity
and I'd be happy to setup a build server. I've got the facilities to
handle this personally. I think to really get it right we'll have to
make some significant changes in the project structure which brings me
to  .. .

3) What should be in SVN: I'm a big fan of everything and the kitchen
sink. Its 2011, server space and bandwidth are cheap. Philosophically,
checkout -> build should be a seamless, painless process on this sort
of library-style project presuming basic prerequisites. I like the
idea of including the .gitignore (and .hgignore) files. Once setup,
they really don't change unless you are really re-working stuff. And
given the setup with a restricted SVN "master" we are going to leave
lots of patches in the street if we can't be DCVS friendly.

4) Mono: my mac-filesystem-foo failed me, but I think the bits I
uploaded wrt issue
should compile on Mono using the build script included pointed at the
appropriate tool. In any case, this can easily be part of a teamcity
build process. We can even do it on linux if we'd like.

Hope this helps.

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