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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Proposal Status, Initial Committors List, Contributors List
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:47:29 GMT

Thanks for all the recent activity in the mailing lists. I'm really
eager to get this project moving forward and the discussions going on
now are exactly what we need to do that.

Calling attention back to the Incubator proposal, the outstanding
needs for completing that proposal are:
- Build Initial Committers list
- Ensure that Committers have all submitted a CLA
- Ensure that the proposal is inline with community interest

The current draft of the proposal is located at:

For each of those goals:

Build Initial Committers List

I have updated the proposal to reflect the current state of the
Initial Committers list. The list, at present is (alphabetical):

- Chris Currens
- Michael Herndon
- Prescott Nasser
- Scott Lombard
- Sergey Mirvoda
- Troy Howard

The only other person who has been discussed as a Committer, but
hasn't stated formally that they are interested in that role is Heath
Aldrich  (there was some discussion, but no resolution). So, Heath, if
you'd like to be on the Initial Committers list, please send a quick
message indicating your interest.

Additionally, the following people have come forward as willing
Contributors (alphabetical):

 - Alex Thompson
 - Ben Martz
 - Frank Yu
 - Glyn Darkin
 - Peter Mateja
 - Shashi Kant
 - Simone Chiaretta
 - Wyatt Barnett

Ensure that Committers Have All Submitted a CLA

For those of you on the Initial Committers list, we will need to
submit CLAs for each developer before being granted commit access.
Currently the only person on that list who has submitted a CLA is
DIGY. I'll be sending mine in today, and I encourage the rest of you
to do so by the end of the week.

Information about the CLA, and how to submit is located here:

Ensure That the Proposal Is Inline With Community Interest

So far, I have not heard any feedback from the community about the
text of the Incubator Proposal. Please review the current draft, and
if you have any reservations about the contents or language, feel that
anything is missing or should be omitted, please post to the mailing
list expressing your concerns or ideas.

I will be submitting the proposal on Tuesday, January 11th, so please
review it and discuss prior to that. I want to make sure that everyone
who is effected by our proposal has had the opportunity to review it,
and either determine that they completely agree with it or give them
the opportunity to discuss their opinions openly prior to submission.

Again, the current draft of the proposal is located at:

And, even though I sign most of my emails 'Thanks', I'd like to take a
second and express my sincere appreciation for the community we have
around this project and the effort and investments that have been
given and will continue to be given in the future by our contributors.
The project could not survive without it.


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