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From Wyatt Barnett <>
Subject Re: Proposal Stage: PR/Marketing/Branding
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 07:58:06 GMT
Some ideas to pursue:

1) Get lucene into nuget. Given nuget has Microsoft's weight behind
it, it is going to become the defacto way people find .NET libraries.
This is relatively simple -- pretty much packaging the binaries with
an xml file. We could the current release in there today, and follow
with 2.9.2 when we get it nice and official-like.

2) Build some approachable getting started guides. In all honesty, the
only "how do I start using Lucene" stuff I found when I started using
lucene six or so months ago was in Simone Chiaretta's blog plus the
subtext source. This could perhaps include some DimeCasts.NET style

Hope this helps.

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 4:26 PM, Michael Herndon <> wrote:
> *PR/Marketing/Branding:*
> Even open source need this. Its never something totally the forefront on the
> developers mind, but its going to be key in order to build a community.
> The main part of marketing to strategically build connections between people
> and a product/service so that they associate a particular brand name with a
> particular solution. (Kinda like a conditioned response).
> Basically there is two products, the actual code base and the community
> behind the codebase.
> I'm not saying we need ads on google, facebook, but providing good
> documentation, a good work environment (making it fun), giving people
> straight answers, having constructive dialog, treating others with respect,
> staying responsive to the community will help to create a positive
> connection in people's mind with and search and community.
> Thats something that needs to happen given that people might question its
> stability due to going back to incubation, the drop off in commits, etc.
> Any ideas, suggestions, comments, are welcome.
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