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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Proposal Status, Initial Committors List, Contributors List
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 16:21:41 GMT
On 2011-01-26, Michael Herndon wrote:

> Is there anything else that needs to be submitted or that we are waiting on
> to call for a vote?

Everything is in place, IMHO.  I've seen Grant thinks you need one more
mentor but other proposals have passed the vote with two mentors before
(like the currently voted on EasyAnt proposal).

If you really think you need a third mentor, ask again on the incubator
general mailing list but change the subject ;-) [otherwise people will
ignore it since it seems to be discussing details of the proposal].

> Anything we should be looking at doing in short term/mean time while that is
> taking place ?

Hopefully the restart will attract new people so prepare to answer a few
question that you think you have already discusses to death in the past.
People will not go and read the archives.  It might be best to put some
answers into a FAQ you can point people to.

Newbie questions I considered to ask but deferred until I find time to
search the archives (you are giving me a free ride right now, thanks):

  * have you considered IKVM rather than a line-by-line translation?

  * what is the target C#/.NET version?

  * is Mono support a goal?

and there'll be more common questions.


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