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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Stefan's Newbie Questions (was Re: Proposal Status, Initial Committors List, Contributors List)
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:38:59 GMT
[changing the subject to keep the other thread clean]

Thanks for your answers, Scott.

On 2011-01-26, Lombard, Scott wrote:

> On 2011-01-26, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>>  * have you considered IKVM rather than a line-by-line translation?

> The end idea is to port Lucene with both an automated line-by-line and
> have a branch that provides a port to use .NET specific functions.  I
> assume that IKVM would not allow for the .NET centric version?

Not really.

In theory you can use ikvmc to compile the Java source files into a .NET
DLL that references some IKVM DLLs and an ikmvc'ed version of OpenJDK's
classlib.  After that it is a plain .NET DLL and one could write a .NET
centric API using that DLL.

I haven't really tried it on anything serious and it may become tricky
if reflection gets involved.  And there is some layer of indirection you
wouldn't have by a line by line translation that may lead to decreased
performance.  I'd be game to try it out, though.

>>  * what is the target C#/.NET version?

> Currently the project is a VS 2005 project using .net 2.0.
> talks about
> changing the project to VS 2010 and it is still being resolved.

> As .NET features are being added the .NET version will be upgraded to
> meet the feature requests.

>>  * is Mono support a goal?

> Mono support is a goal.  Robert Jordan has committed to take the lead
> on that aspect.

I see, thank you.

> I will add my comments to a Wiki creating an FAQ page.

Yes, please do.

> Once I find the Wiki.


We can set up one once Lucene.NET is inside the Incubator again if there
isn't already one.

Thanks a lot


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