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From Alex Thompson <>
Subject RE: Initial committers list for Incubator Proposal
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 23:27:09 GMT
I haven't actually used Lucene.Net that much but I expect I will in the
future. I guess I will classify myself as a contributor. I'm a .Net
developer of several years working as a consultant on enterprise projects. I
did the test port of lucene using sharpen and am willing to do the java work
of improving sharpen or working on other porting/post-processing needs. As a
.Net developer I'm interested in more java projects like lucene coming to
.Net and hopefully this project will lead to that.


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From: Lombard, Scott [mailto:slombard@KINGINDUSTRIES.COM] 
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 10:53 PM
Subject: RE: Initial committers list for Incubator Proposal


Thank you for all your work on the Incubator Proposal you have done an
excellent job.

I volunteered to be a committer and here is my brief qualification list.  I
have a BS in Electrical Engineering and currently work in the Automation
field.  I do extensive programming in MS SQL, ASP.NET, C# primarily to
provide useful and pertinent information to my users, from data that is
stored in many places and usually from legacy products.  Currently I have
been using Lucene.Net in a web application I developed to collate data
stored in multiple Access databases to give users a simplified interface to
our data.  I am personally interested in the challenge of developing and
documenting an automated process to convert Java Lucene to C#.  The work I
will be doing for the Lucene.NET project will be done for the most part
outside of my job.  As a committer I would have adequate time to devote to
the project.

I look forward to being an active member of the Lucene.Net project.


From: Troy Howard []
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 7:01 PM
Subject: Initial committers list for Incubator Proposal


I'm working on the Incubator Proposal now, and need to establish a list of
initial committers.

So far, the following people have come forward and offered to be committers
(in alphabetical order):

Alex Thompson
Ben Martz
Chris Currens
Heath Aldrich
Michael Herndon
Prescott Nasser
Scott Lombard
Simone Chiaretta
Troy Howard

I would like to place an open request for any interested parties to respond
to this message with their request to be a Committer. For people who are
either on that list or for people who would like to be added, please send a
message explaining (briefly) why you think you will be qualified to be
involved in the project and specifically what ways you hope to be able to

One thing I would like to point out is that in the Apache world there is a
distinction between Committers and Contributors (aka developers).
See this link for details:

Please consider whether or not you wish to be a Committer or a Contributor.

Some quick rules of thumb:


- Committers must be willing to submit a Contributor License Agreement
(CLA). See:

- Committers must have enough *consistent* free time to fulfill the
expectations of the ASF in terms of reporting,  process, documentation and
remain responsive to the community in terms of communication and listening
to, considering, and discussing community opinion. These kinds of tasks can
consume a lot of time and are some of the first things people stop down when
they start running out of time.

- A Committer may not even write code, but may simply accept, review and
commit code written by others. This is the primary responsibility of a
Committer -- to commit code, whether they wrote it themselves or not

- Committers may have to perform the unpleasant task of reject contribution
from Contributors and explain why in a fair and objective manner. This can
be frustrating and time consuming. You may need to play the part of a mentor
or engage in debates. You may even be proved wrong and have to swallow your

- Committers have direct access to the source control and other resources
and so must be personally accountable for the quality of the same and will
need to operate under the process and restrictions ASF expects


- Contributors might have a lot of free time this month, but get really busy
next month and have no time at all. They can develop code in short bursts
but then drop off the face of the planet indefinitely after that.

- Contributors could focus on code only or work from a task list without any
need to interact with and be accountable to the community (as this is the
responsibility of the Committers)

- Contributors can do one-time or infrequently needed tasks like updating
the website, documentation, wikis, etc..

- Contributors will need to have anything they create reviewed by a
Committer and ultimately included by a Committer. Some people find this
frustrating, if the Committers are slow to respond or critical of their

So in your responses, please be clear about whether you would like to offer
your help as a Committer or as a Contributor.


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