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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Incubator Proposal Draft
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 00:13:31 GMT

Please review the draft proposal located at:

If you'd like to make an edit feel free create an account and edit the
page as you see fit. I'd especially appreciate help with spelling and
grammar proofreading in that regard.

Regarding content I would appreciate direct comments on the text of
the proposal presented in the mailing lists here for open discussion.

Some points to note: I have only filled out information in the
proposal about myself and Chris Currens. I work with Chris "in real
life" and was able to discuss this with him in person. I am not going
to take the liberty to include information about anyone else for fear
of misrepresentation.

If you'd like to include information about yourself in the proposal,
please edit it and include that information.

Since this is only a draft of the proposal, anything can change. What
is there is mostly just to get the ball rolling on the application and
have a concrete document to discuss.

It's my intention to officially submit the proposal on Tuesday,
January 11th, 2010. Please ensure that your contributions or
commentary is provided before that time if you wish them to be
considered for this proposal. This gives us, as a community, 2.5 weeks
to prepare. Hopefully this will be more than enough time to discuss
and settle on our official positions as a community.


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