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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Re: Request for cancellation of current vote regarding Lucene.Net status change
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 18:57:01 GMT

Thanks for your considered response. Obviously, assuming that the
project continues to move forward, a change of status is not the end
of the world.

I supposed this is something that those of us who are not yet part of
ASF cannot grok due to lack of a deep understanding of how project
management at ASF works.

So it seems to me that you're essentially saying that sub-projects are
in a nutshell, problematic from a management point of view, and that
ASF would prefer as many thing to be TLPs as possible, so that there
aren't hierarchies of management happening.

This is unintuitive from an external point of view, as you would
expect all variants of Lucene to be grouped together.

I supposed we should just trust your judgement, based on your obvious
merit and experience, and follow your recommendation to go back to the
Incubator without further discourse. This conversation doesn't seem to
be doing much for development, as it's taking up time that could be
spent coding.

I'm reading over the guide to proposals here:

Can you elaborate and explain the specific steps required (obvious
create a proposal and find a group of willing potential committers is
an essential step)?

Are there any specific resources we should be aware of?

Is there anything special about this process, of moving a project from
sub-project status to Incubator status, as opposed to a new project

Would someone from the Lucene PMC be our Sponsor, or would we just
submit the proposal directly to the Incubator PMC without further
involvement with the Lucene TLP/PMC?

Are you offering to be our Champion?
(as detailed in


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