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From Troy Howard <>
Subject Re: Proposal Stage: Documentation
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2011 00:24:24 GMT
I have been impressed by Prescott Nasser's work in this area.

I would like to nominate him for managing documentation. That includes
leading the discussion on how to proceed with documentation.

One thing that is unclear to me at this point are the details of the
project website. I don't know how much control over that we have. I'm
a big fan of systems like Redmine that incorporate wiki/issue
tracking/source browsers/new feeds/etc all in one integrated
interface. The Apache way of doing this seems to be to use dedicated
systems for each task (JIRA for issue tracking, Moin Moin for wiki,
etc) which, to me, creates a lack of cohesion and a barrier to users
who are trying to find information or report issues.

Anyhow, again, not too sure how much control we have of the project
site or what resources are available on the server. Does the site have
to be static (i.e. HTML/CSS/JS only?) Does the web server have
anything like Python, Perl, PHP, etc. installed, so that we could make
something more interactive? What's the ASF expectation for project
sites? Many of them have a similar look and feel (as if created from
the same template or CMS). Should we just work with that?


On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Michael Herndon <> wrote:
> *Last one for the year, See ya next year & Happy New Year to all.*
> *
> *
> *Documentation.*
> *
> *
> Who should be responsible for this?  Where should it live?  Wiki or should
> we have a separate site that aggregates. blogs, twitter feeds, facebook,
> tutorials, wiki, documentation, etc?
> I propose that we have specify someone to own this to make sure that it gets
> done (they don't have to actually document everything, but delegate the
> responsibility around make sure that it does get done).  Otherwise it might
> never get done.
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