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From "Karell Ste-Marie" <>
Subject RE: RE: Vote thread started on
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 19:29:21 GMT

I will freely admit that I'm seizing the opportunity to raise an old
point - but that problem would be non-existent if this was a project
that implemented a methodology as opposed to being a continuous port
effort. I will even go as far as suggesting that this would broaden (and
ease) the recruitment of committers. It almost feels like the goal is
not simply to port to but to also develop a
technology that ports things automatically. I would almost suggest that
this in itself could be an ASF TLP. It still feels to me that everyone
is trying to cut the head off a two-headed dragon with a single sword
and a single motion.

Once search algorithms was discovered and implemented - it should be up
to the language-specific programmers to implement these and optimize
these as they see fit. Both languages have their strengths and their own
frameworks - at the moment the java side has great benefits which in
turn greatly hinder the success of the .net side.

In a nutshell, while some cultures seem to be better at courtship - the
fact that I don't speak some of these languages shouldn't make me less
good at it.

I think that a project for a Java->NET and NET->Java would be a great
idea. Again, it would allow a lot of people that are doing the same for
hundreds of other projects to simply pool their efforts.

Just my Canadian 2 cents (which is almost at par with the American cents
these days)

Karell Ste-Marie
C.I.O. - BrainBank Inc

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From: Lombard, Scott [mailto:slombard@KINGINDUSTRIES.COM] 
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 2:17 PM
Subject: RE: RE: Vote thread started on


My feeling would be to create strong automated conversion tools to allow
java Lucene to be ported in to .NET in as few steps and as possible.
The .net style goal is a noble one, but will require a significant more
commitment to the project in the future.  As each new version of java
Lucene will have to be integrated by hand into the .net version.

As the conversion tools get more advanced and robust .net style code may
be implemented as part of the automated conversion process.


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