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From "Prescott Nasser " <>
Subject Re: SOLR.Net request
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:41:25 GMT
I'd be interested, but I want to see Lucene.Net pass the hurdles currently in their path first.
There has been a fair amount of activity, but not that much has been done .

The discussion over which converter to use hasnt been ad lively as one would hope for a project
that has a month and a Half to get a release out.

Similar thoughts about the othe .net project that was proposed. While interesting (I've thought
about it myself) we need to focus on the tasks at hand
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From: Peter Mateja <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:26:32 
To: <>; <>
Subject: SOLR.Net request

I realize that in the current context that this is a bit premature... there
are certainly more pressing concerns in the Lucene.Net project.  However,
since we apparently have quite a few eyeballs pointed at these lists at the
moment, I thought I'd send this out just to gauge interest.

On with it...

I'd love to see an implementation of SOLR (either direct or in the spirit
of) for ASP.Net / IIS / standalone Windows  Service.  I've used SOLR in the
past in a Java shop, and absolutely loved the flexibility and power.  It
scales really well (we were indexing several hundred thousand forum posts
per day on a large SOLR server cluster), is fairly simple to use (it does
much of the grunt index management and caching work for you), is extensible,
and can be appropriate for both small and large scale projects.  It's also
matured quite a bit in the past version.

I'd love to be able to use SOLR for my current project, but unfortunately I
can't... I'm now in a .Net shop.  We sell server software for Windows
servers, and I absolutely can't consider requiring a Java App server to run
SOLR on our installations.  I'd love to be able to run a SOLR.Net service on
IIS (or as a standalone Windows Service.)  Yes, I could roll my own, but
after having experienced the maturity of SOLR, I'm leery of the effort
required.  Anyone else interested in this?

Obviously there are quite a few questions to ask and consider for such a
project... go ahead and fire them off if you wish in order to start a

Peter Mateja

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