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From "Karell Ste-Marie" <>
Subject RE: Lucere project announcement
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 19:54:20 GMT
I have done no other past contribution other than use the product,

Can I be reminded, once again, why we don't use the .NET Optimized
approaches instead of doing a straight code-code port?

I understand that the whole purpose of the project is to be a Lucene
port to .NET, but should we not at some point in time optimize more for
.NET than just continue to try and port more Java to .NET code? From
Scratch? Each and every version?

It seems to be that if that is the approach then perhaps it would be
time better spent to look into a tool such as MPS
( and then use the source java language
through this which would product .NET code on the other side.

Or perhaps I've just managed to place a size-12 foot in my mouth because
the current process is actually almost exactly this today?

Comments welcome...

Karell Ste-Marie
C.I.O. - BrainBank Inc
(514) 636-6655

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