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From "Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP]" <>
Subject IndexWriter and AcquireRead/Write/Upgrade and deadlock in TestMergeAfterCopy
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 18:35:12 GMT
                There is currently a deadlock situation which is occurring
in TestMergeAfterCopy.  Basically, during the commit of a transaction, you
have a reader/writer lock (many reads, few writes) which is coded


                There is a class in the .NET framework, ReaderWriterLock,
which provides these EXACT semantics.  There are performance issues in the
.NET 2.0 version, but in .NET 3.5, there is a ReaderWriterLockSlim class
which provides better performance, and is a drop-in replacement for


                Since IndexReader has a Close method (which will eventually
be ported over to an IDisposable implementation), there wouldn't be a need
to change the API publically, as the ReaderWriterLock can be disposed of in
the close method.


                It would involve removing the locking code and the counters
used for those methods.  Instead, I'd just replace the methods with calls to
the appropriate method on the stored instance of the ReaderWriterLock.


                Any objections, assuming it gets the test to pass?


                                - Nick

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