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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Use of general@l.a.o for...
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 13:56:01 GMT
Apologies for cross posting, but I wanted to make sure committers for  
the various subs all saw it (if I missed one, my apologies up front).   
Please, if you are going to reply, reply to general@ and not to all  
the CC's

Just wanted to make a couple of notes about the use of general@l.a.o:

1.  As a reminder, general@ is the place to discuss cross project  
issues or TLP issues or, you guessed it, general Lucene items.  It can  
save from cross-posting, but of course, the subscription numbers are  
lower, so...  Also, it should generally be lower traffic than the dev  
and user lists.  Also, as a reminder, project specific questions are  
best asked on the appropriate user or dev list for that project.   
General is also a good place to ask questions like "Which project  
would help me solve X?"

2. The PMC is going to start discussing Board Report drafts on this  
list in order to keep people more informed about the state of the  
various projects.  Board report _DRAFTS_ are now publicly accessible  
(read-only) under 
reports/.  Keep in mind they are usually a work in progress up until  
they are filed with the board.  It is the chair's job to do the filing  
(and here, y'all thought it was just glamour!)  Also keep in mind, the  
reports generally are pretty high level and are done on a quarterly  
basis, so they should cover significant news like new committers,  
releases, awards won, whatever.  If you think your favorite project  
report isn't up to snuff, feel free to add in your two cents or even  
submit a patch.

3. I would encourage committers from the various sub projects to join  
general@ (if you know a committer who is not on it, encourage them to  
join) if they haven't already.  I promise, it really is low traffic.

4.  Committers:  when calling a vote for a release, please CC general@  
so that interested parties who may not particularly follow the low- 
level details of a project can participate.

Again, if you are going to reply, reply to general@ and not to all the  


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