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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Graduation
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 16:26:59 GMT
Here are the requirements:

  and are pasted below.

It seems that you don't have to actually release, but you need to have  
release plans.  So, what are your plans for release?  Can you guys  
provide status on the other stuff?   I'm sure you have the Alignment  
stuff down and I'm guessing all the Infrastructure stuff is done,  
since I doubt you need GUMP integration.  What about the legal stuff?   
Presumably, y'all have CLAs on file, otherwise you wouldn't have an  
account.  Looks like: 
  needs to be updated to reflect that there are now three committers  
and to reflect the other status items.

Being in incubation since 2006 is too long in my book, but it seems  
like you have a decent community here now, and, since you are going to  
be a subproject, I think the standards are a bit different from TLP  

Can we work to get this going?  Looks like most of it should just be  
some bookkeeping at this point.


<snip url="


     *   Legal
           o All code ASL'ed
           o The code base must contain only ASL or ASL-compatible  
           o License grant complete
           o CLAs on file.
           o Check of project name for trademark issues

     * Meritocracy / Community
           o Demonstrate an active and diverse development community
           o The project is not highly dependent on any single  
contributor (there are at least 3 legally independent committers and  
there is no single company or entity that is vital to the success of  
the project)
           o The above implies that new committers are admitted  
according to ASF practices
           o ASF style voting has been adopted and is standard practice
           o Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict  
within the community.
           o Release plans are developed and excuted in public by the  
                 + (requirement on minimum number of such releases?)
                 + Note: incubator projects are not permitted to issue  
an official Release. Test snapshots (however good the quality) and  
Release plans are OK.
           o Engagement by the incubated community with the other ASF  
communities, particularly infrastructure@ (this reflects my personal  
bias that projects should pay an nfrastructure "tax").
           o Incubator PMC has voted for graduation
           o Destination PMC, or ASF Board for a TLP, has voted for  
final acceptance

     * Alignment / Synergy
           o Use of other ASF subprojects
           o Develop synergistic relationship with other ASF subprojects

     * Infrastructure
           o SVN module has been created
           o Mailing list(s) have been created
           o Mailing lists are being archived
           o Issue tracker has been created
           o Project website has been created
           o Project ready to comply with ASF mirroring guidelines
           o Project is integrated with GUMP if appropriate
           o Releases are PGP signed by a member of the community
           o Developers tied into ASF PGP web of trust


On Feb 9, 2009, at 8:02 AM, George Aroush wrote:

> Hi Grant,
> Has the requirement for graduation been relaxed?  Just from a release
> perspective, Lucene.Net has been in incubation since April 2006, and  
> since
> than we had only one official release, Lucene.Net 2.0 on April  
> 2007.  In
> addition, the new committers, Doug and DIGY don't have any release
> experience yet.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm all for graduation, but without a sustained  
> release,
> I don't think we will be approved.
> Regards,
> -- George
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>> From: Grant Ingersoll []
>> Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 8:53 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Graduation
>> Hey Guys,
>> Grant over in PMC land here.  Seems like you've got a pretty
>> good base going and have a few committers, what say you to
>> thinking about graduation?  Can someone take a look into it?
>> Incubation is not a place to live for a long period of time.
>> Besides, we want you over in Lucene land full-time!
>> Since you are graduating to a sub-project, I believe the
>> requirements for grad. aren't the same as TLP.
>> Thanks,
>> Grant
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