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From "Granroth, Neal V." <>
Subject RE: 2.4.0
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 15:38:51 GMT
I concur with what others have said.
I too have to repeatedly defend my decision to use Lucene.NET in some of our projects.  Lack
of a stable release makes this difficult.

-- Neal

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From: Doug Sale []
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 3:19 PM
Subject: 2.4.0


I've been converting the 2.3.2 code to 2.4.0 and anticipate having a clean
build by Monday AM.  There will be bugs, I'm sure.  Also, there are some new
classes that I've only stubbed out, and some issues I've identified that
would be best hashed out (by the community) prior to addressing.

I am curious how we should proceed to work on the 2.4.0 conversion.  Should
we tag 2.3.2 and have the 2.4.0 code be HEAD?  Is there a better-suited

I would like to get this code into SVN *somewhere* (in case I get hit by a
bus, laptop in hand).  Honestly, I want to preserve our momentum and be
prepared to work on the Lucene.Net 3.0 version as it becomes available (or

Please respond with any thoughts/ideas?


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