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From "Doug Sale" <>
Subject outstanding issues in SVN head
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 21:58:53 GMT
Find attached a listing of outstanding issues in the head revision of the
Lucene.Net SVN repo.  The document has one source file per line and the
fields are tab-delimited.  There are column-heading lines for each name
space (e.g., Lucene.Net.Index.Store).  The fields are as follows: test
class; num tests passed, num tests failed, num tests not run, flag (any
failures or not run), name/method of failed tests, notes.  Additionally, at
the bottom of the document are some totals.

This list does not reflect any pending patches.  It does contain a notes
field that might contain salient details (e.g., all the test failures that
are dependent on a BooleanScorer2 fix).

Digy, George, any others actively developing - please take a look and verify
that this is your view of the current state.  I will be using this as a
guide to focus my efforts and will update the status as fixes are committed.


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