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From Kurt Mackey <>
Subject RE: Source control reorg / build server
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 21:32:17 GMT
Hmmm... I hadn't considered a branch.  I don't think it's strictly necessary, and having a
1-1 mapping of to Lucene is a great advantage for documentation and such.  At the
moment, it's pretty easy to dig through Java Lucene stuff to figure things out.

I think a wrapper would be a good start, though.


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From: Dotzenrod, Kevin []
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: Source control reorg / build server

We use lucene a lot at dow jones as well, I've been working on a wrapper for lucene that I
planned on submitting as a castle contrib ( but would also be interested
in helping if others were interested in branching lucene and creating a native .net implementation
that's a bit nicer to work with and has more of a .net feel.


Kevin Dotzenrod
Dow Jones

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From: Kurt Mackey <>
To: <>
Sent: Thu Jul 03 12:34:58 2008
Subject: Source control reorg / build server

Hey Guys (and girls?):

We use pretty extensively on Ars Technica, and have for quite a while.  Every content
listing you see is generated with a Lucene query.

I'd like to setup a continuous integration server for and put up live builds. 
It's much easier to do this if the repository contains all the project dependencies.  If you
don't mind giving me commit access, I'd be happy to add the dependencies to the source tree

Also, I'd love to see some stuff in the project specifically for easing the pain of using
Lucene in a normal .NET application.  I'm sure most companies that use have some
library that abstracts things for everyday use.  Are there any plans to do something like
that as part of the project?

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