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From Hongwei Shen <>
Subject Question(problem?) about PriorityQueue
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:06:00 GMT
Hello there,

The problem we have is that some top results are missing. My debugging led me to the following
piece of code in the PriorityQueue.cs file(line 69). I simply cannot believe this might be
wrong, so I'd like somebody to verify it.

                public virtual bool Insert(System.Object element)
                        if (size < maxSize)
                                return true;
                        else if (size > 0 && !LessThan(element, Top()))
                                heap[1] = element;
                                return true;
                                return false;

Let's assume that maxSize is 100, when size is larger or equal to 100, the element is compared
with the top element which is heap[1], if it is not less than the top, then the top is being
replaced by the element instead of being bumped down. It seems to me that this is not the
right logic here.

If maxSize is 100, the actual heap size is 101 and the document collector will collect top
docs starting from index 1, so index 0 is never used. I suspect that the original design of
the queue is to insert the new element in the index 0 and then sort it down.

Please let me know what do you think.


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