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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject Apache Lucene.Net 2.1 build 002 "Beta" released
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2007 17:13:06 GMT
Hi Folks,

I just released Apache Lucene.Net 2.1 build 002 as beta.  The changes in
this release is:
	- Release:  Apache Lucene.Net.2.1 build 002 "Beta"
	- Port: Ported the "Test" code from Java to C#
	- Fix: LUCENENET-47: "Make up for Constansts.cs"
	- Fix: LUCENENET-48 "Clone method of SegmentInfos.cs does'nt copy
local fields/variables."
	- Fix: LUCENENET-50 "Improvement for FSDirectory."
	- Fix: LUCENENET-52 "IndexFileDeleter in svn trunk"
	- Fix: LUCENENET-53 "SegmentsInfos.GetCurrentSegmentGeneration works
	- Issues: A number of NUnit tests are failing.

The major change is the port of the "Test" code from Java to C#.  As
expected, there are a lot of failed tests, 261 out of 629.  Some of those
are due to port issues in the test code itself while others are issues in
the core code and I'm sure many are around a common defect.  Wherever the
issue is, we have to fix them.

If you can help, get the latest code from SVN, build and run NUnit test.
Look at the failed tests and start debugging.  Once you have a fix, submit a
patch.  If you don't know how to submit a patch, an email with a fix will do
to.  However you submit a fix, do explain what test it is fixing and the
effected file, class and method.

Best regards,

-- George

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