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From "Jokin Cuadrado" <>
Subject Re: IndexReader, DeleteDocuments, and a web farm
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 08:11:56 GMT
> 1)      Do I need to be closing and reopening those client readers in
> order to see deletes from the indexing server?

yes, lucene take  an snapshot of the directory and don't see changes
maded after is opened

> 2)      Is it cheap to continually reopen the readers, or should I do it
> periodically somehow?

it's not cheap, so you have to reopen periodically, an for better
performance launch somo queries for warm the caches

> 3)      Do I need to be taking some other approach on the indexing
> server to be smarter about deletes/updates?

in our case, we have 3 index servers, and we send the updates to the
three, so all of them work in parallel and i don't have to worry about
copyng files. this is another approach tha you can use if the number
of search servers is small.


> Thanks.
> --Max

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