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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Release of Apache Lucene.Net 2.0.0
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 01:18:56 GMT
Hi Erich,

In my opinion, none of those issues are critical to stop this release.

The memory and resource leaks that you mentioned, have you observed them or
do you think they exist?  Do you have sample code that demonstrates them?  I
ask this because you said "possible".  Yes, I am aware of a leak issue
during sorting when Lucene.Net is compiled using .NET 1.1, but with .NET
2.0, it disappears.

As for your WeakHashtable suggestion and the use of NHibernate, this isn't
possible.  This release is supporting .NET 1.1 so we are somewhat limited
with what we have.  No, I can't use NHibernate as it's a 3rd party artifact
and none ASF.


-- George

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From: Erich Eichinger [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:04 AM
Subject: RE: [VOTE] Release of Apache Lucene.Net 2.0.0


there are some resource leaks that lead to really nasty problems in
highloaded webapplications. I summed up the most required changes:

Lucene.Net.Index.Compound.FileReader.CSIndexInput doesn't close underlying
IndexInput (possible resource leak)


Usage of System.Threading.Thread.GetData()/.SetData() may result in memory
leaks in web-applications. Using
System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.CallContext is a much better choice.


cache should be a "WeakHashtable" instead of Hashtable. Otherwise cached
readers can't ever be collected and cause  memory/resource leaks.


the same problem as in FieldCacheImpl but with "Comparators" table.

Asfaik a possible implementation of a "WeakHashtable" can be found in the
NHibernate project.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: George Aroush []
> Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 4:06 AM
> To:;
> Subject: [VOTE] Release of Apache Lucene.Net 2.0.0
> Hi folks,
> To follow the proper release process of ASF, please take a moment to 
> cast your vote to release Lucene.Net 2.0.0.  I have placed both the 
> release candidate of source code and binary
> here:
> The change history for this release can be found here:
> 23/src/HISTORY
> .txt
> In addition to Lucene.Net release, this release also contains ported 
> code in "contrib".
> Please cast your vote on releasing Apache Lucene.Net 2.0.0 no later 
> then this coming Saturday.
> [ ] +1 Approve release
> [x] -1 Veto release (please give reason)
> Regards,
> -- George Aroush

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