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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject Lucene.Net: looking forward
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 03:39:26 GMT
Hi folks,

As you might now by now from my previous posting, Lucene.Net 2.0 is "final"

Moving forward, I have the following plan:

1) Finish the port of Highlighter.Net 2.0 so it works with Lucene.Net 2.0.
This I expect to finish off next week and is an important work otherwise
Lucene.Net 2.0 doesn't have a working highlighter.  This work I expect to
finish off sometimes next week.

2) Release Snowball.Net 2.0.  This too is an important work per #1 above.

Once the above two action items are done, my plan are as follows:

1) Release Lucene.Net 2.0.1 "final" -- this is really nothing but a .NET 2.0
support build which means removing the existing "reflection" code for
external ZIP compression support and use .NET 2.0's API for compression

2) Port some additional contribute code from Java to .NET.  I, for example,
have a need for "wordnet", and "spellchecker" in .NET environment.

In addition to those activities, I like Lucene.Net to be more in-sync with
the existing development release of Lucene.  This is a lot of work and is
something I can't do all alone, so if anyone wants to pitch in, please let
me know.

Best regards, and a Happy New Year.

-- George Aroush

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