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From Ben Tregenna <>
Subject Is anyone else using with builds?
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 22:06:48 GMT
 Is anyone else using CruiseControl.NET for build & test of

I've added a simple configuration into my CCNet builds and whilst the 
build is basically working, I have a few outstanding problems I was 
wondering if others had resolved. They are:

Running a sourcecontrol block for autobuilding fails due to complaints 
from svn about the ssl certificate for the repository -  I use 
TortoiseSVN for manual updates and this runs fine after choosing to 
accept the cert once.

TestBinaryDocument fails due to "Compression support not configured" - I 
read the earlier thread on this but can't seem to get the right bits in 
the right ".config" file to turn this on for the ccnet tests.

TestRemoteSearchable tests all fail with a 405 error - I assume I need 
to do some further configuration to enable the  
"http://localhost/Searchable" calls to work?


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