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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject RE: .NET 2.0 with Lucene.NET
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 13:42:21 GMT
Hi Rob,
Lucene.Net 1.4.3 is .NET 1.1 compliant.
Not knowing how you are updating the index, I can't help you to answer your
question why it's taking a long time to add and remove documents.  If you
can provide some code sample, even pseudo-code, I or someone else on this
board may have some answers.
Others have ported their own copy of Lucene.Net to work under .NET 2.0.
Maybe they are reading this and will share their experience.  But,
Lucene.Net 2.0 will be .NET 2.0 compliant -- that's my plan.
As for information, only recently have I got the time to move Lucene.Net to
ASF.  I will be updating the incubation site for Lucene.Net to provided
timelines when I expect to do things.  At the main time, like I said in the
past, Lucene.Net needs volunteers -- I can't do it all on my own in a timely
fashion.  If you got cycles and can help, please let me know.  This request
goes to all Lucene.Net users.  In addition, Lucene.Net needs committers.  To
become one, read:  <>
-- George Aroush


From: Rob Tucker [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 9:16 AM
To: George Aroush;
Subject: RE: .NET 2.0 with Lucene.NET

Thanks for the quick response George,


I was assuming that 1.4 was .NET 1.1 compliant, is this not the case?
Generally, I've struggled to find information about Lucene.NET support for
.NET.  Is there somewhere where I can find it?


We're using Lucene.NET for a slightly unusual searching implementation where
it's holding information about highly structured documents in an environment
where there is the potential for a fairly high degree of volatility in
document contents and lifetimes.  The main issues we've found with regard to
efficiency is in adding and removing large number of documents can take a
long time, merging and optimising the index is the particular challenge.
I've really got a general concern that switching to .NET2.0 might affect
this efficiency and robustness for any number of reasons, say in changing
the implementation of data structures, file access classes or plain bugs in
the framework!  From experience, I don't tend to believe the MS marketing
hype, I've always hit upgrade problems when change OS version, runtimes etc,
I don't expect .NET 2.0 to be any different.


In general, we've got great results with Lucene.NET, I'm really looking for
an initial feel for what to expect with the move to 2.0.  Is there
information anywhere about the required changes that you've mentioned?


To be honest, I've struggled to find much information about Lucene.NET on
the ASF site, is this the main page?: If so, the WIKI seems
to be down. 




Rob Tucker.



From: George Aroush [] 
Sent: 26 April 2006 13:42
To: Rob Tucker
Subject: RE: .NET 2.0 with Lucene.NET


Hi Rob,


With few changes, you can get Lucene.Net to run on .NET 2.0 -- others have
done it.  as you may know, I am finishing off 1.9 which will be .NET 1.1
compliant.  After which, I will be releasing Lucene.Net 2.0 which will be
.NET 2.0 compliant.


Sorry, I don't have numbers to show you if Lucene.Net is faster or more
stable under .NET 2.0.  But I am curious, what are your concerns of
Lucene.Net 1.4.3 in regards to robustness and efficiency?




-- George


PS: Please subscribe to Lucene.Net mailing list at ASF and post questions
like those there for the whole community to pitch in on.



From: Rob Tucker [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:32 AM
To: George Aroush
Subject: .NET 2.0 with Lucene.NET



Do you have any information about how Lucene.Net runs with .NET2.0?  We have
a .NET 1.1 project that we'd like to upgrade and would like to get some
initial confidence about how Lucene.NET will run.  We're using 1.4 at the
moment.  I'm concerned with both robustness and efficiency.




Rob Tucker

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