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From James Bognar <jamesbog...@apache.org>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Juneau 8.2.0 RC1
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2020 14:08:45 GMT
I am pleased to be calling this vote for the source release of Apache
Juneau 8.2.0 RC1.

The binaries are available at:

The release candidate to be voted over is available at:

SHA-512 checksums:
apache-juneau-8.2.0-bin.zip: FD2D1214 F19E21A4 76F67BC0 B04B32F2 C4230FB6
                             1E772968 7EE6EF60 157133CD 7A24FA23 C3B13E88
                             CAD964A7 F08E8F5D 77DAD5ED 2637A24A A81C1F41

apache-juneau-8.2.0-src.zip: B76ECE50 59A79DD9 BCBFED01 869A066A EA10CA01
                             A4B0660D AD8838A1 7BB9CC71 203D5DB8 8E402874
                             F4D6E81E 84524995 CB43AE8D A5027F7B 68A4E11F

Build the release candidate using:
mvn clean install

The release candidate is signed with a GPG key available at:

A staged Maven repository is available for review at:

The Git commit for this release is...

Please vote on releasing this package as:
Apache Juneau 8.2.0

This vote will be open until 07-Oct-2020 10:00am and passes if a
majority of at least three +1 Apache Juneau PMC votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release this package
[ ] 0 I don't feel strongly about it, but don't object
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because...

Anyone can participate in testing and voting, not just committers,
please feel free to try out the release candidate and provide your

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