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From James Bognar <jamesbog...@apache.org>
Subject Microservice API changes.
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2018 18:32:49 GMT
Hi all,

I'm going to do some refactoring in the Microservice APIs.

Here are some of the changes I want to make (nothing should be breaking):

1) Add builders for the microservice classes.
Something like this:

2) Allow the external config file to be entirely optional by allowing
you to define settings programmatically via the builder.  Default
behavior still uses the config file though.

3) Break up the projects like so:
 - juneau-microservice-core - Contains base Microservice class and
default console commands.
 - juneau-microservice-jetty - Contains RestMicroservice and
Jetty-related stuff.
 - juneau-microservice-springboot - Contains new microservice code from Marcelo.
 - juneau-microservice-jetty-template - Template project using Jetty.
 - juneau-microservice-springboot-template - Template project using Spring Boot.

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