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From David Goddard <godd...@acm.org>
Subject Swagger in RestMethod (7.2.0 -> 7.2.1 and onwards)
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2018 18:32:09 GMT

I'm catching up with some of the 7.2.0 changes and I'm hitting some 
issues updating some pre-7.2.0 code (specifically I'm having problems 
similar to JUNEAU-85).

I note that org.apache.juneau.rest.annotation.Parameter was removed from 
7.2.0 as part of the Swagger changes (although not all of the 
documentation seems to have caught up: 

So my original code was like:

   swagger = @MethodSwagger(
     parameters= {
       @Parameter(in="path", name="somePathParam", description="xxx"),

This would obviously fail in 7.2.0 as @Parameter is absent.

However, I'm hitting some issues getting it working with the 
SimplifiedJson syntax described in 

which is of this format as per the docs:

       "{name:'propertyName',in:'path',description:'The system property 
       "{in:'body',description:'The new system property value.'}",
       "302: {headers:{Location:{description:'The root URL of this 
         "403: {description:'User is not an admin.'}",

So my method updates to something like this:

   @RestMethod(name="GET", path="/foo/{somePathParam}/*", 
     swagger = {
     properties = { // some props }
   public ServiceResult someMethod(RestRequest request, RestResponse 
response, @Path String somePathParam) {
	// etc.

However, this gives me a syntax error in Eclipse:

   Type mismatch: cannot convert from String[] to MethodSwagger

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? (I am assuming I'm doing something 

Looking at the Pet Store example code, I see a different syntax in 
PetStoreResource, leading me to change my method to this:

       properties ={
         @Property(name=HTMLDOC_header, value="$L{title}"),
       swagger = @MethodSwagger(
         parameters= {
   public ServiceResult someMethod(RestRequest request,
                   RestResponse response,
                   @Path String somePathParam) {
       return null; //(Not really)

Do we have a documentation issue, or an understanding issue on my part?

However, in any case I get a runtime error at the moment:

Exception occurred while initializing method 
Caused by: @Path used without name or value on method 
parameter '2'.

What am I missing?


More generally, @Parameter is back in 7.2.1-RC, but it's unclear to me 
at least what the direction is for this.  Are we now looking to remove 
these annotations again in a future (major) release, with the favoured 
approach being the SimplifiedJson syntax?  However, @Parameter is not 
marked as deprecated in the current RC.  I don't get a clear sense from 
the docs which way this is going (or indeed where it exactly is now).

I'd agree with Gary's sentiment from JUNEAU-85 that 7.1 -> 7.x should be 
a non-breaking change, but it is the case that having multiple 
concurrently valid techniques is confusing at present (at least to me); 
this could be a documentation fix though.



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