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From James Bognar <jamesbog...@apache.org>
Subject Juneau 7.2.1 and beyond
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 18:25:00 GMT
Hi all,

Juneau 7.2.0 had been released and announced.

I added a "What's New" page to the website to highlight changes:

The documentation page also has new information highlighted in green:

The OpenAPI and Swagger UI support was big features.  Despite adding lots
of unit tests, I fully expect bugs to be found in this release.  The plan
is to hold off on major new development and focus on maintenance releases
as bugs and issues are found.

Future feature work being considered:

   - Currently you can add @JsonSchema annotations to beans and bean
   properties and have that reflected in the Swagger.  However, the annotation
   does not include any of the JSON-Schema validation specs (just
   type/format/description/example right now).  I'd like to add these to the
   annotation and introduce "validating" modes for ALL of the serializers and
   parsers to enforce validation rules.

   - More can be done with the OpenAPI serializer and parser.  I'd like
   these to become top-level serializers and parsers that can handle arbitrary
   POJOs like the rest.  The complication is how to handle complex array
   formats (e.g. How do you represent a comma-delimited list of
   comma-delimited lists?  Escaping isn't part of the Swagger specification).

   - Investigate the feasibility of combining
   the @RestResource/@RestMethod/@RemoteResource/@Remote annotations into a
   single set of @Rest/@RestMethod annotations.  The general idea being that
   you define your REST interface using a Java interface with annotated
   methods, then use that same interface to both implement your server-side
   REST servlet and instantiate your client-side REST proxy.
   This would be really cool, but not as easy as it sounds.  The
   current @RestResource annotation has many references to server-specific
   APIs (e.g. RestCallHandler, RestConvert, RestGuard, RestInfoProvider,
   RestLogger, RestMethodParam, ResponseHandler).  These would all have to be
   merged into the core library WITHOUT adding a javax.servlet dependency on

   - OpenAPI 3 support.

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