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From David Goddard <godd...@acm.org>
Subject ObjectMap parsing NullPointerException
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:03:10 GMT

I'm updating some code from Juneau 6.0.1 to 6.2.0-incubating and I'm 
finding that parsing some JSON to an ObjectMap that previously worked 
now fails with a NullPointerException:

	at org.apache.juneau.ObjectMap.parseReader(ObjectMap.java:192)
	at org.apache.juneau.ObjectMap.<init>(ObjectMap.java:186)

This is the line of application code causing it:

   ObjectMap map = new ObjectMap(new StringReader(json));

The JSON in this case is:

   "weatherinsights": [
             "credentials": {
                 "username": "xx",
                 "password": "xx",
                 "host": "twcservice.au-syd.mybluemix.net",
                 "port": 443,
                 "url": "xx"
             "syslog_drain_url": null,
             "label": "weatherinsights",
             "provider": null,
             "plan": "Free-v2",
             "name": "Weather Company Data xx",
             "tags": [
    "cloudantNoSQLDB": [
          "name": "xx",
          "label": "cloudantNoSQLDB",
          "plan": "Shared",
          "credentials": {
             "username": "xx",
             "password": "xx",
             "host": "xx-bluemix.cloudant.com",
             "port": 443,
             "url": "xx"

Looking in debug, I see that the failure in ObjectMap is here:

   private void parseReader(Reader r, Parser p) throws ParseException {
	if (p == null)
		p = JsonParser.DEFAULT;
	p.parseIntoMap(r, this, session.string(), session.object());

This fails because the variable, session, is null.  I can't figure out 
why.  Stepping through it in debug, before it gets to this point, I see 
the ObjectMap being initialised here:

	public ObjectMap(BeanSession session) {
		this.session = session;

In this case, the passed value of session is *not* null:

	BeanContext: {
		id: -981232688,
		beansRequireDefaultConstructor: false,
		beansRequireSerializable: false,
		beansRequireSettersForGetters: false,
		beansRequireSomeProperties: true,
		beanMapPutReturnsOldValue: false,
		beanConstructorVisibility: 'PUBLIC',
		beanClassVisibility: 'PUBLIC',
		beanMethodVisibility: 'PUBLIC',
		beanFieldVisibility: 'PUBLIC',
		useInterfaceProxies: true,
		ignoreUnknownBeanProperties: false,
		ignoreUnknownNullBeanProperties: true,
		ignorePropertiesWithoutSetters: true,
		ignoreInvocationExceptionsOnGetters: false,
		ignoreInvocationExceptionsOnSetters: false,
		useJavaBeanIntrospector: false,
		beanFilters: [
		pojoSwaps: [
		notBeanClasses: [
		implClasses: {
		sortProperties: false,
		locale: 'en_GB',
		timeZone: null,
		mediaType: null
	BeanSession: {
		locale: 'en_GB',
		timeZone: null

However, by the time we get to parseReader, session *is* null.

I'm obviously not ruling out something dumb on my part, but is there any 
obvious issue here, or somewhere for me to look further?



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