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From "Slack" <no-re...@slack.com>
Subject [Slack] Notifications from the ASF team for May 22nd, 2017 at 8:17 AM
Date Mon, 22 May 2017 12:17:25 GMT
Hi Dev Juneau,

You have a new direct message from the ASF team


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Digest.AI (8:01 AM, May 22nd)
Hi Dev, 
*Here’s your digest for May 22nd 2017*
There are 27 messages yesterday, and the most active user is Peter

 @phaumer: After a little hiatus I would like to setup a fresh Eclipse
workspace. There are some changes that I am not familiar with. For
example, when I load the projects into Eclipse it does not load some of
the new ones such as -core-rdf as it does not have a valid .project file
(its name is the same as -core). What are the latest tricks for setting
up a workspace?
 @jamesbognar: The project name in the juneau-core-rdf project is
juneau-core.  I’m not sure why that doesn’t show as a problem in my
 yea….go ahead and push your changes.
 @jamesbognar: I’m using Java 8.  However, all the projects are still
compiled at Java 6.
 The compliance levels are set on the individual projects.
 I’m still trying to resist the urge to prereq Java 7.
 @jamesbognar: The way I do it is…
1) right-click on any top-level project and select Team-Synchronize
2) In Synchronize view, select the files/folders to push and click
Commit.  If you’re adding any new files, you’ll need to first
Add-to-index on them.
3) In Commit Changes to Git Repo window, add a commit message, select
your files, and click Commit-and-Push.
 Try just using phaumer as your username.
 @phaumer: Oh, there are more projects missing, such as -rest-jaxrs
:wink: I will push that fix as well now and then setup a fresh new
workspace with Mars to make sure it all works.
 @phaumer: Ok, pushed some more changes. Let me know if they work for
you. I tested them with Eclipse Mars.2 and I ran into this issue, which
seemed unrelated to my changes. After installing the update described
here the problem went away:

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