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From sblackmon <sblack...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hello on behalf of Podling Streams
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2017 21:43:32 GMT

I was able to switch several APIs from dropwizard to juneau-microservice in an afternoon,
removing jackson in the process.  Lines of code decreased, configuration scheme was simplified,
and got HTML and XML support for free.  Very nice.

I suspect that JSON-LD operations would need to use RDF libraries for anything beyond the
simplest examples.  Jena provides some support for JSON-LD already. [1]

[1] https://jena.apache.org/documentation/io/

On January 6, 2017 at 8:32:18 AM, James Bognar (james.bognar@salesforce.com) wrote:

Hi Steve!

I welcome your interest in our project! We're looking for ways to increase
external participation.

Juneau's been a pet-project of mine for a while as an internal IBM
community source project. There are probably differences between Jackson
and Juneau since I specifically did NOT look at the Jackson implementation
so that it would be a cleanroom implementation. However, I know teams that
successfully converted from Jackson to Juneau. One team did performance
tests and showed that Juneau was 20% faster than Jackson for a base set of
data and that the performance improved with larger datasets.

I haven't looked at JSON-LD specifically. I'll have to investigate to look
at the feasibility. One possible issue I see is that Juneau doesn't use a
DOM for serializing/parsing for any of the languages (except the Jena-based
RDF ones). That's one of the reasons why it's efficient....it marshalls
directly from POJOs.

I'll join the mailing list and contribute any ideas I have.


On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 12:29 PM, sblackmon <sblackmon@apache.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> Juneau came to my attention recently and I’ve just had the chance to read
> through the documentation and play with the micro service samples.
> Congrats on your second apache release.
> I’m on the PPMC of Podling Streams - http://streams.incubator.apache.org ,
> Your project is interesting to me and I just wanted to say hello and start
> a dialog.
> We use jackson and typesafe config heavily - so there’s a possibility we
> could switch to juneau for those capabilities as it appears you already
> have feature and (potentially?) performance parity.
> We maintain hundreds of JSON schemas from which we generate POJOs which
> are used within the project. The code-gen process supports internal and
> external $ref - I noticed that Juneau has similar code so perhaps we could
> combine efforts on that front.
> In addition to POJOs we’ve got maven plugins that can use json schemas to
> generate scala, and resource files to configure platforms including
> cassandra, elasticsearch, hive, and pig to store / analyze compliant json
> documents. This is a relatively immature capability that we built
> ourselves because a) maintaining files like that is a headache and b) we
> didn’t see anyone else addressing it using schemas.
> One specific question I have about Juneau is whether you plan to add
> support for JSON-LD in 2017. We are putting together a plan to support
> Activity Streams 2.0 and will need a fairly sophisticated JSON-LD engine to
> make that work.
> I welcome anyone from your community to join our list and suggest other
> ways we might collaborate.

James Bognar

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