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From Stian Soiland-Reyes <st...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Status update.
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:09:03 GMT

Glad you are getting close to a release! And hurray for OSGi bundles.

Commenting as a Commons PM member - I think you should take our
instructions with a grain of salt as they can be a bit heavy and
probably outdated.  Some of the plugins (like download-plugin) only
exists to make the many Commons modules have a similar look&feel on
their releases - I would not recommend it unless you find it useful
(e.g. integrates well with website update).

In contrast - here's how we do it in Taverna:

Feel free to clone/fork/steal! (It's Apache license after all..)

Personally I would not bother with also maintaining a
RELEASE-NOTES.txt and rather just refer to the Jira issue from a more
timeless README.

More stuff to update - less chance anyone will bother to do a release
(or will do something wrong :) -- we see this problem in Commons.

As Juneau is a library/framework I would prefer a pure Semantic
Versioning scheme http://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html (e.g. version
6.0.0) - of course OSGi likes I think.

.. but still your schemewill probably need to be further qualified as
you have started. You should also decide what style you want on your
tags - you would want -RC1 style suffix for release candidate tags or

As for version 6.0 or 1.0... are the <6.0 versions publicly available
and somewhat compatible (except for change of package)? (I did not
find any reference to them from the Juneau homepage).

If not, I would say clean start and 1.0. But the Juneau community
should decide that - not mentors! :)

You should be able to get a source-release.tar.gz if you use
-Papache-release - and you can configure maven-release-plugin to
always apply apache-release profile.

Will the juneau-distrib-X-bin.zip contain just Juneau JARs or also
third-party JARs?

Perhaps it will be good if dev@juneau have a few dry runs with
creating the release candidates (I'm OK to pre-review them if you
want) - it can be a bit of a hazzle to get Maven to cooperate on a
release the first time..

On 24 September 2016 at 16:59, James Bognar <james.bognar@salesforce.com> wrote:
> Here's a quick status update on the work for creating an initial release....
> 1) The core/server/client/microservice projects are now built as OSGi
> bundles.
> 2) I've added a juneau-all project that combines all the bundles into a
> single Java library.
> 3) The juneau-distrib project will now build two archives...
>    - juneau-distrib-X-bin.zip
>    - juneau-all-X.jar
>       - juneau-samples-X.jar
>       - samples.cfg
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-client-X.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-core-X.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-microservice-X.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-server-X.jar
>    - juneau-distrib-X-src.zip
>    - juneau-samples-X-sources.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-client-X-sources.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-core-X-sources.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-microservice-X-sources.jar
>       - osgi-bundles/juneau-server-X-sources.jar
> 4) I've removed all manifest files from the projects.  They're now built by
> Maven.
> 5) I've added a versioning guidelines document:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/JUNEAU/Versioning+guidelines
> 6) I'm still creating a release guidelines document based on those of
> Apache Commons as a starting point:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/JUNEAU/New+release+guidelines
> I have more questions for our mentors....
> 1) Do you have any thoughts/preferences on the initial version #?  6.0 or
> 1.0?
> 2) Where should release notes be kept?  Should we have a single
> RELEASE-NOTES.txt file in the root, or separate ones in each bundle
> project?
> 3) In the commons release notes, I see references to
> https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/commons
> as the location for the KEYS file and downloads.  What exactly is this and
> how is it populated?  How do we get an
> https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/juneau?
> 4) The commons project refers to a "mvn commons:download-page' command.
> Any idea what that is and what it does?
> --
> James Bognar

Stian Soiland-Reyes

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