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Subject [jmeter] 01/02: timeShift function docs update.
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:35:32 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

fschumacher pushed a commit to branch master
in repository

commit 4d518fffa6545ce918e20c8542301066af85287c
Author: Mariusz <>
AuthorDate: Sun Sep 19 15:17:24 2021 +0200

    timeShift function docs update.
 xdocs/usermanual/functions.xml | 7 +++++--
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/xdocs/usermanual/functions.xml b/xdocs/usermanual/functions.xml
index e537789..68b7ff2 100644
--- a/xdocs/usermanual/functions.xml
+++ b/xdocs/usermanual/functions.xml
@@ -1575,13 +1575,14 @@ returns:
         <property name="Format" required="No">
-        The format to be passed to DateTimeFormatter.
+        The format to be passed to DateTimeFormatter (for input data parsing and output formating).
         See <a href="">DateTimeFormatter</a>
         If omitted, the function uses milliseconds since epoch format.
         <property name="Date to shift" required="No">
         Indicate the date in the format set by the parameter <code>Format</code>
to shift.
-        If omitted, the date is set to <em>now</em>.
+        If omitted, the date is set to <em></em> with system
zone <em>ZoneId.systemDefault()</em>.
+        <note>If <code>Format</code> is empty then this parameter must
be long value (look at examples).</note>
         <property name="value to shift" required="No">
         Indicate the specified amount of seconds, minutes, hours or days to shift according
to a textual
@@ -1607,6 +1608,8 @@ returns:
 <source>${__timeShift(dd/MM/yyyy,21/01/2018,P2D,,)}</source> returns <code>23/01/2018</code>
 <source>${__timeShift(dd MMMM yyyy,21 février 2018,P2D,fr_FR,)}</source> returns
<code>23 février 2018</code>
+<source>${__timeShift(,10000,PT10S,,)}</source> returns <code>20000</code>
= 10sec input + 10sec shift
+<source>${__timeShift(,,PT10S,,)}</source> returns <code>1632158276770</code>
= 1632158266770 ms (now) + 10sec shift
 <component index="&sect-num;.5.34" name="__digest">

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