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Subject svn commit: r1847595 - in /jmeter/trunk: src/core/org/apache/jmeter/gui/action/ xdocs/usermanual/get-started.xml
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2018 20:27:52 GMT
Author: pmouawad
Date: Tue Nov 27 20:27:52 2018
New Revision: 1847595

Bug 62870 - Templates : Add ability to provide parameters 

Add missing file and take into account Felix note

Bugzilla Id: 62870


Modified: jmeter/trunk/src/core/org/apache/jmeter/gui/action/
--- jmeter/trunk/src/core/org/apache/jmeter/gui/action/ (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/src/core/org/apache/jmeter/gui/action/ Tue Nov
27 20:27:52 2018
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ public class SelectTemplatesDialog exten
      * @param actionEvent {@link ActionEvent}
      * @return true if plan is not dirty or has been saved 
-    boolean checkDirty(final ActionEvent actionEvent) {
+    private boolean checkDirty(final ActionEvent actionEvent) {
         ActionRouter.getInstance().doActionNow(new ActionEvent(actionEvent.getSource(), actionEvent.getID(),
         GuiPackage guiPackage = GuiPackage.getInstance();
         if (guiPackage.isDirty()) {

Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/get-started.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/get-started.xml (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/get-started.xml Tue Nov 27 20:27:52 2018
@@ -381,7 +381,15 @@ options when <code>-jar</code> is used.<
 <p>A popup appears, you can then choose a template among the list:
 <figure image="template_wizard.png">Templates popup</figure>
+<p>Some templates may need parameters input from the user. For theses ones, after a
click on the create button,
+a new window will appear as follow :
+<figure image="templates/template_parameters.png">Parameters window</figure>
+When you are done with parameters, click on the <code>Validate</code> button
and the template will be created.
 <p>A documentation for each template explains what to do once test plan is created
from template.</p>
+<note>You can create your own templates following documentation <a href="../creating-templates.html"
 <subsection name="&sect-num;.4.3 Using JMeter behind a proxy" anchor="proxy_server">

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