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Subject svn commit: r1845975 - in /jmeter/trunk/xdocs: changes.xml usermanual/component_reference.xml
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:21:33 GMT
Author: pmouawad
Date: Tue Nov  6 22:21:32 2018
New Revision: 1845975

Change Test Action (old name) to "Flow Control Action" in Component Reference

Contributed by Ori Marko
This closes #428


Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml [utf-8] Tue Nov  6 22:21:32 2018
@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ of previous time slot as a base. Startin
+    <li>Change <code>Test Action</code> (old name) to <code>Flow
Control Action</code> in Component Reference documentation. Contributed by Ori Marko
(orimarko at</li>

Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml Tue Nov  6 22:21:32 2018
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
     Samplers perform the actual work of JMeter.
-    Each sampler (except <complink name="Test Action" />) generates one or more sample
+    Each sampler (except <complink name="Flow Control Action" />) generates one or
more sample results.
     The sample results have various attributes (success/fail, elapsed time, data size etc.)
and can be viewed in the various listeners.
@@ -1748,7 +1748,7 @@ The current implementation is quite basi
 <component name="Flow Control Action" was="Test Action" index="&sect-num;.1.18" width="467"
height="184" screenshot="test_action.png">
-The Test Action sampler is a sampler that is intended for use in a conditional controller.
+The Flow Control Action sampler is a sampler that is intended for use in a conditional controller.
 Rather than generate a sample, the test element either pauses or stops the selected target.
 <p>This sampler can also be useful in conjunction with the Transaction Controller,
as it allows
 pauses to be included without needing to generate a sample. 
@@ -4873,7 +4873,7 @@ please ensure that you select "<code>Sto
     To apply a timer to a single sampler, add the timer as a child element of the sampler.
     The timer will be applied before the sampler is executed.
     To apply a timer after a sampler, either add it to the next sampler, or add it as the
-    child of a <complink name="Test Action"/> Sampler.
+    child of a <complink name="Flow Control Action"/> Sampler.
 <component name="Constant Timer" index="&sect-num;.6.1" anchor="constant" width="372"
height="100" screenshot="timers/constant_timer.png">

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