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Subject svn commit: r1408461 - /jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 21:11:25 GMT
Author: pmouawad
Date: Mon Nov 12 21:11:24 2012
New Revision: 1408461

Bug 54097 - CSV Data Set Config not working in distributed mode
Clarified documentation for distributed tests.
Bugzilla Id: 54097


Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml Mon Nov 12 21:11:24 2012
@@ -3209,6 +3209,7 @@ The Comparison Assertion Visualizer show
   <property name="Name" required="">Descriptive name for this element that is shown
in the tree.</property>
   <property name="Filename" required="Yes">Name of the file to be read. 
   <b>Relative file names are resolved with respect to the path of the active test plan.</b>
+  <b>For distributed testing, the CSV file must be stored on the server host system
in the correct relative directory to where the jmeter server is started.</b>
   Absolute file names are also supported, but note that they are unlikely to work in remote
   unless the remote server has the same directory structure.
   If the same physical file is referenced in two different ways - e.g. csvdata.txt and ./csvdata.txt

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