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From Lothar Klein <>
Subject Re: Champion and Mentors wanted for new potential Apache SST incubator project
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:11:46 GMT
Hello Chris,

Just before I responded about STEP geometry.
Another potential application is about assembly structures. Today likely all reasonable CAD
systems can generate STEP files with assembly information. SST can already import XML files
with assemblies (but not yet p21 files with assemblies). A potential application might e.g.
reads in a STEP assembly for a machine and then analyses all the parts the machine is made
up from and their transformation/placement in space. A future SST application might e.g.:

a) try to find vendors on the Internet that offer suitable parts and link to them - e.g. link
to their more detailed STEP models they provide on the Internet (many do so already)

b) collect how many pieces of the same parts are needed (e.g. number of screws of a certain
type) and from this derive a BOM (Bill Of Material), containing a summary of the more detailed
assembly information.

c) Develop a tool to simulate how the assembly could be best build up; the sequence of operations
that are needed. The result could be similar to what you see is coming with a LEGO(tm) toy
with all the single steps on how to put things together.

The result of all three examples could be again stored in SST and be used by further tools.


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