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From Sander van Harmelen <>
Subject Re: IP clearance officer for accepting Terraform
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2021 05:45:17 GMT
Hi Justin,

The story is a bit different. I started, maintained and build most of both these code bases.
And as far as I know I'm (still) legally both the author and the owner of the IP as the company
I work for (for the last 12 years) has a chapter in their contract that states that any open
source contributions made are "owned" by the employee and not the company.

Probably also imortant to know, is that I initially started both these projects using the
Apache License, Version 2.

After having maintained the Terraform provider for a couple of years and having build up a
very good relationship with HashiCorp, we decided to "move" the repository to a central location
were (at the time, that has changed now) they tried to gather all providers in a single Github
org to make it clear which providers we're officially supported.

In that Github org were both HashiCorp owned and maintained providers as well as community
owned and maintained providers.

Again to be clear, I never signed anything to officially donate the code to anyone other then
the software grant I send the other day to you guys.

Over time the provider was so stable that I disn't had to work on it anymore and HashiCorp
made some tweaks every now and then mainly to add the provider to their CI/CD setup and to
keep the Terraform SDK (plugin) used by the provider up to date.

In that process the license has also been changed. But again I have never concented to that
(while I also didn't mind, orherwise I've would have protested against it of course). So it
very questionable which of the contributers actually contributed during the presence of the
Mozille license (could of course be found using sone git foo).

Now as I said the code base is quite stale for a few years now and since I don't use CloudStack
anymore and HashiCorp doesn't have anyone working for them with CloudStack knowledge, they
archived the repo as there was no active maintainer anymore.

At this point someone (probably Rohid) started something to revive the provider and move it's
ownership and code to Apache. As HashCorp didn't want to change the license back because of
legal stuff for them, they approached me and asked if I could be a man-in-the-middle to help
give the provider a second life.

I agreed and with that HashiCorp transferred the repo bak to me again. I changed the license
back and stepped through the hoops to offer it to Apache.

Hope this helps to resolve this discussion.


On 23 Jun 2021, at 07:12, Justin Mclean <> wrote:


> Justin why do we need Hashicorp? They are not involved or are the owner of the codebase/repos.

My understanding was the work was carried out in their repo and that they are probably the
IP owner of the codebase. Is that correct?

Also, currently [1] redirects to [2], I can see they host of what I assume are releases of
the software [3] and I can see major contributors to that repo were/are Hashicorp employees.

Kind Regards,


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