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From Daniel Widdis <>
Subject Re: IP clearance officer for accepting Terraform
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2021 09:01:25 GMT
I've been following this thread and continue to see phrases such as "major contributors" and
"significant contributions".

Given the entire premise of the conversation here is on whether there are legal claims to
IP, could you clarify, objectively, what defines "major" and/or "significant"?

On 6/22/21, 11:49 PM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:


    > Alright, I'll create a Github issue as suggested in the example to track IP
    > clearance with list of all people and will try to reach out to all
    > contributors within a limited time period and see if they can agree over
    > the other legal thread and submit their ICLAs.

    While having an ICLA is ideal, I think a recorded agreement from the major contributors
is probably enough given the history here. You already have that from most of them. If some
don’t answer then just record that and continue. It might be possible that other IPMC members
might have a different view on this.

    > This however wasn't advised on the IP clearance process:

    It does say "Either an Individual CLA or Corporate CLA is preferred to a Software Grant.
All authors must sign an Individual CLA; or all owners of IP must sign one of the three documents
and send to secretary “. I’m still slightly unclear on who the IP owners are. Sander is
obviously one, but I would guess it’s the other 8 or so other major contributors or possibly
in some cases their employers. Having an ICLA clears that up as the person states that any
contributions they make they are allowed to do so and have their employers permission to do

    Kind Regards,
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